Marine accessories

All boaters know that coming from the sea onto the shore is not simple, specially when it is windy or other boats are generating waves. Even with low speed the boat hits object by considerable power - scratches on boat may spoil the mood for the whole day. Our whole set of different kind of Estepur fenders out of PU-elastomer are created to give your capital exclusive protection !!! Estepur fender dampens the the impact smoothly, after the load it returns to original shape time after time, does not either color your boat.

  1. Estepur fender for the pier is the first member in our the "fender family". It has proved to be a reliable partner for your boat ! We launched them 2018. First references are still working as new. We have sold many thousand of them. The Estepur fenders for the piers do not brake under heavy load, they stand even the ice load in the winter ! Furthermore they are UV-resistant, do not get brittle either over the years
  2. For the stress-free "boat parking" we created the beam covers !!! You just wrap the Estepur cover on the beam, not any screw fastening on beam is required.
  3. Our latest innovation is the Estepur boat fender. It is a solid one, non bursting ! due to the higher weight stays stable even in rough weather ! may stay also partially underwater !
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